Happy New Year!

I hope in 2014 to return to do more blogging and writing.

Could You Survive Without the Internet?

Really could anyone these days spend a whole week, day, or month without the internet? I did this past weekend. I decided to challenge myself to spend the whole weekend  not using a computer, or the internet or cell. I stuck with my old staples I used to do way before even owning the computer or being on the Internet.

I went back to pencil and paper to draw, read a lot, listened to old mix tapes, CDs, and dusted off my SNES. Though if my Atari 2600 & NES was still in working order I would have setup those up too. Plus I  getting to go out side for a walk without taking my phone with me, was a great feeling. It was great taking the weekend to become disconnected from the “very connected world” I live & work in. Since the experiment went so well I hope to become more disconnected  in every weekend I am not working…I like the idea of getting back to basics.

To Snow or Not to Snow that is the Question

Winter is almost over and I’m really sad about it too. We have had just a sprinkle of snow, ice and sleet this year. I really wanted to see a full winter full of cold days and wintry weather, instead it’s been a mediocre winter with a sprinkling of snow and a lot of rainy cold days and a good share of warm days too ( I’m taking about 70 degrees Yuck not for winter, but perfect for spring/summer).

I really miss the days when we used to have a decent winter. No, I’m, not talking about a foot of snow, though it would be nice, but just a couple of inches of snow, and it lasting for more than hour. Just enough of the powdery white goodness that was deep enough to go on a sledding journey or even make snow angels or a snowman.