Searching for Winter

Today has been a mild spring day with temps hovering around 68°F today. It’s January 20th it is not supposed to be this warm until late March. I want winter weather of snow and temps below 40°F. I often think about moving to an area that actually sees a real winter each year. I like to see all four seasons just not Fall and Summer.

Brownie in a Mug?

Brownies in a mug is nothing new, but something I’ve wanted to try to make. From this recipe, it seems easy enough. If I do an experiment and make one, I will be sure to report back here on how my experiment went.

Zooming Reset

My browser window (Safari) always gets zoomed in and I always forget the key command to reset it. So this post is mainly a reminder for myself. If you happen to come across this post and it helps you then great! Thanks for reading my post.

On most all of the latest version of Browsers ( Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera) on Mac OS X  is simple to reset.

If you do a key combo of ?(command key)  +  0 (zero key) that should reset your browser zoom level back to 100%.

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