Coda 2 & Diet Coda

Panic released Coda 2  at the end of May, along with a new iPad app called Diet Coda. I chose to buy the mac app store version of Coda 2 as it has cloud syncing, as it will be a big help when I do upgrade my mobile platform too. I’ve been using Coda 2 since it was released for purchase.  I am really enjoying the new features, though the new layout and css pop ups has taken some time to get used too, but other than that I really love the new version of Coda and been waiting for an upgrade for a while.


With the release of Diet Coda, there is now finally a reason to buy an iPad. I’ve been one who has been holding out to get an iPad as I need a mobile solution that allows me work while away from the work computer. With Diet Coda I think I will be able to work on the go without needing a laptop anymore along with sketching/mockups with the Paper by fifty-three app.



Recently I’ve got to try this new drink called Früsh. It’s a nutritional drinkable shake made with real fruit and rich, creamy yogurt, the milk of which is sourced local to production.


They offer four yummy flavors Strawberry-Bananna, Blueberry, Strawberry and Peach. After tasting all 4 flavors, I must say each flavor is really good. These are actually the best fruit smoothie drinks I’ve tried so far. My favorites are  Strawberry-Bananna, and Strawberry. Though the peach does remind me of Peaches and Cream which is always a summer time favorite treat for me.


I’m so grateful to get to try out the new drink and I do highly recommend in trying the drink. Interested in learning more about this drink, Be sure to check out their Website Facebook and even try their iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Daily Shake up app as well.




Smoothie Anyone?

I’m currently reviewing a new drink Frush. It’s a yogurt smoothie drink that comes in four yummy flavors ( Strawberry, Strawberry-Banna, Peach, and Blueberry). So far I’ve tired the Peach, Strawberry, and Strawberry-Banna, and all three are super tasty. Each one tastes like I’ve just blended fresh fruit and yogurt together all I need is to add the ice and I would be set. Ok…full product review will be up soon as I’m continuing  writing  it  for this amazing new drink called Frush.