The iPhone

I’ve been waiting patiently till Verizon got the iPhone. In June I finally got to upgrade my cell. Really did think about getting a Droid at one point, but after using one I liked the iOS platform better. I guess I’ve grew accustom to iOS features since owning an iPod touch.
I know it’s rumored an iPhone5 will be out this fall along with iOS5, but couldn’t wait till then. I’m very happy with my iPhone4 and can’t wait for iOS5 to come out.

A Short iPod Touch Review

I’ve had my new touch only about 2 weeks now, and I have to say it’s a great device. Im using it more like a PDA device than just a music player, although I do have music, podcasts, etc. on there too. I’ve been noticing that I’m using my laptop less when going out, just because I can do about everything I did on the laptop ( email, twitter, chat, checking blogs, websites, etc.) Plus the can do some business related stuff on there as well like billing, which is nice since it doesn’t keep me tied down to the desktop or laptop all the time. I would recommend in getting one if you want to have one for the apps or putting music on. It’s been a delight to have and use.

Color Your Work & World

If you’re like me and always needing a great & professional color picker tool then Color Schemer is for you. Color Schemer Studio is a professional color matching application. You even let the application  suggest color schemes for you. They also have a color gallery which each scheme can be imported directly into the program.

This is really not a recent find, since I’ve been using it for a while now, but did want to share this application with everyone who does read this blog. They have an online version that is free of charge, but the studio is 50.00, which does come in both Mac OSX and Windows. You can also try it for 15 days as well.

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