Kill the Dock

Have you ever had the Dock in OS X to freeze up? Did you know you can restart it by using a simple terminal command?
Just go to the terminal app and type in killall -KILL Dock at the prompt. The dock will disappear and reappear in a couple of seconds.

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100k Worth of songs

I’ve been on since 2006 and I have just finally rolled over to 100k listened songs.  I feel that is an accomplishment  as I do love music and listen to a lot of music everyday.

Searching for Winter

Today has been a mild spring day with temps hovering around 68°F today. It’s January 20th it is not supposed to be this warm until late March. I want winter weather of snow and temps below 40°F. I often think about moving to an area that actually sees a real winter each year. I like to see all four seasons just not Fall and Summer.