Slack Style Emojis for macOS

I found this great little gem a while ago and finally installed it today. I use Slack a lot for work chats and like the way they do emojis. Rocket is a great little app that allows you to add emojis in any application on macOS. It works a lot better than tapping Control+Command+Space to bring up the characters window.



The story of the space grey MacBook

I decided long before the new MacBook pros were out I couldn’t wait any longer and just got the very best spec MacBook. Sure it isn’t a workhorse vs the MacBook Pro, but I really won’t be using it that much.  I have another dedicated machine I use for everyday work. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and I really have enjoyed it. I didn’t think I would like the keyboard, but it’s ok for browsing and doing light stuff… If I need to use the laptop to do work then I usually carry a bluetooth mouse and keyboard with me. I do mostly only coding work on it so the laptop actual fairs quite well for that.

I also like the portability of the computer as it’s super thin and light. I really don’t like the idea of all the dongles, but so far I haven’t had to use any. Though I would love to set it up with a monitor at some point to use it as a second machine for simple tasks at the office.

2017, Another New Year

Wow 2016 went by so fast… A lot happen in 2016 that was good and bad. The holidays have came and gone too.  I am looking forward  to 2017.

Tough I have an important anniversary that is coming up this year. This year will mark the 10th year anniversary of my parents passing. I really can not believe that 10 years has past by so fast. Even after 10 years it’s still hard for me on special occasions and holidays, but I cope to make a bad thing into a good thing always.  It’s my goal to make 2017 100% the best year ever despite some things that will come up that I’ll have to deal with, but again I will press on with life.

I am thankful  for my health, having another day in this new year, all of my pets, and thankful for the people in my life that I  call family, and the very best of friends.